Coronavirus - we remain at your disposal

We all are in the tight grip of the corona virus. After Asia, it now has paralysed most social and many business activities in Europe and America, and stringent restrictions are applied now also, specifically in Switzerland and the US. While complying with governmental restrictions, suggestions and recommendations, we want to maintain a decent service level to our clients, while also making the best possible use of the little bit of extra time that the situation grants us.

All our laboratories in Hong Kong, Lucerne and New York are open and functional, although at a slightly reduced level. Our network of shuttles in 18 destinations worldwide, plus the new take-in window in Shanghai are operating too, so you have a safe way near you to send us your stones for testing. And of course, you can contact us anytime by phone or e-mail.

While doing our utmost to keep up testing services, we have also installed a range of measures to reduce social exposure of our staff when in our labs, and facilitate project work and home-office for many. This situation enables us to tackle topics that we did not have time for previously. We are working on a couple of fascinating projects, which will result in new services, tools and research insights, all helping us to better serve our clients and the final customer, once the virus releases its grip.

We are currently producing a number of educational videos from different experts of the Gübelin Gem Lab and Provenance Proof. These videos, covering a broad range of gemmological and industry topics, will be published on Facebook and Youtube.

We also want to use the available time to reflect what we do, ask and listen, get inspired and innovate, for the long-term good of our industry and our final customers. We would like to include you in this process, and kindly encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. In this context, we are planning a market research survey; how satisfied are you with our services, what matters most to you when using gem labs, and what future services would you expect to better fulfil the needs of your clients? To get answers to these and other questions, we will get in touch with you in the coming weeks.

We wish you all the best during these challenging times and remain at your disposal for any inquiries that might arise.