Gübelin Gem Lab Lectures

Our regular video lectures

During these difficult times, the Gübelin Gem Lab wishes to give something back to its community and share its knowledge and expertise. In regular video lectures, experienced experts are sharing their insights into the world of coloured gemstones to provide an educational service that is aimed at a broad audience consisting of professionals and gemstone enthusiasts from all over the world.

Ethiopian Gemstones

Let chief gemologist Dr. Lore Kiefert take you on a trip to Ethiopia. Discover where the many different gemstone deposits are located, which gemstones can be mined there and get exciting impressions of the local life in this next episode of our video lectures.

Black opals from Ethiopia

The next episode of our video lecture series deals with the black opals of Ethiopia. We are excited to give an insight into the mines on site, show differences between black and white as well as treated and untreated opals, discuss the colour origin of this gemstone and much more. Learn more about this topic, explained by Dr. Lore Kiefert, Chief Gemmologist of Gübelin Gem Lab.

Consistency through standards

Happy to share another episode of our video lecture series, dealing with the topic “consistency through standards”. Although there is no such thing as absolute consistency, labs can enable and improve consistency in many ways, for example by building and maintaining a common knowledge base or by standardising all systems, tools and processes. Learn more about the topic in this video lecture by Dr. Daniel Nyfeler, Managing Director of the Gübelin Gem Lab.

Origin determination in coloured gemstones

In this video we are happy to share some insights into the fascinating topic of determining the origin in coloured gemstones.

You can see our full playlist of lectures directly on Youtube by clicking on the link below.