Gübelin Gemstone Rating

The term “coloured gemstones” serves as an umbrella phrase for hundreds of different types of gemstones, each with its specific attributes. However, a common language for describing their key characteristics is largely missing. This lack of standards makes it difficult to communicate beauty, quality or rarity within the trade and even more to the end consumer in a consistent and easy language.

To overcome this issue, the Gübelin Gem Lab has developed the Gübelin Gemstone Rating. This comprehensive gemstone rating system expresses the main characteristics of quality, rarity and attractiveness of a specific gemstone, and translates it into a simple number: the Gübelin Points.

Both, privates and professionals, profit from more transparent information that help to understand and value a complex good. The Gübelin Points give more confidence when it comes to buying jewellery or invest into gemstones.

Click here for further description of the Gübelin Gemstone Rating including specification of rating aspects, its procedure, fees and limitations.