Gübelin Academy’s first gemstone course in Singapore

The Gübelin Academy has successfully carried out its first course in Singapore. Student responses to its unique introduction to the world of coloured gemstones were extremely positive.

Held in partnership with Zenith Affair, Singapore, an international luxury business consultant and event organising company, the Gübelin Academy’s first Singapore Coloured Gem Professional Level 1 course was held at the Raffles Hotel on 26 and 27 January, 2016. Over two days, 15 students from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore enjoyed a unique, fast-track yet comprehensive introductory look at emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. They profited from the Academy’s expert instruction as well as practical experience with high quality gemstones.

An “eye-opener”

In their feedback, students said they were delighted with the course. One student commented: “The course was an eye-opener for me. I'm proud to know that some gems I own were a billion years in the making. Certainly, I will now have a better rapport with my gems.” Another added: “Two days of beautiful history, art, chemistry and literature – all thanks to the study of gemmology. After the course, I don't find gemstones so frightening and have gained a substantial amount of useful and applicable knowledge about gemstones as a consumer.”

The Gübelin Academy was established in 2013 in Hong Kong by the renowned Swiss jewellers Gübelin. Designed for professionals as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs, the Academy offers a unique fast-track training into the wonderful world of coloured gems. The January courses were its first in Singapore. Having had such a successful inauguration, the Academy hopes in future to be able to carry out more courses in the country.

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