Gübelin Gem Lab leader in the use of new methods to age determination

The Gübelin Gem Lab is the first laboratory in the world to use a new method for the age determination of zircon inclusions in faceted sapphires, which is a valuable information that supports the geographical origin determination. A max. 0.003 mm hole is done in the sapphire with a laser. The case material released is analyzed in a mass spectrometer to measure the quantity of uranium and lead. The ratio of these elements allows a direct conclusions about the age of the gemstones. This new method is thus of great interest for dealers, gemologists and scientists. The Gübelin Gem Lab published an article about this new methode which will now be featured in the British "Journal of Gemmology". This demonstrates once again that the Gübelin Gem Lab is the leading laboratory in the use of new techniques for origin determination.