Lab Alert: Defamation campaign

Dear gem and jewellery industry members,


We issue this Lab Alert to inform the industry about a defamation campaign we are currently experiencing, and that could potentially also go against other members of the industry and particularly gem labs.


Since last year, the Gübelin Gem Lab has been the target of a defamation campaign, probably with the main aim to damage the reputation of our brand. Several parties, purportedly acting as clients, are making unsubstantiated accusations against the Gübelin Gem Lab for betrayal and having exchanged stones. They persistently make accusations on social media, but did not make any report to the local police nor instigate any formal legal proceedings.


The scheme first happened end of last year to Gübelin Gem Lab in Hong Kong, via our Shanghai take-in window. An individual submitted a synthetic ruby, and subsequently accused the lab to have exchanged the allegedly valuable natural ruby with a nearly worthless synthetic stone. Despite our repeated requests, the client refused to collect his stone and the lab report. This person is persistently communicating on websites, chat rooms and C2C exchanges, as well as in e-mails accusing Gübelin for betrayal and even for conspiring with the Swiss police and Swiss politicians. The same scheme was subsequently applied again to the Gübelin Gem Lab in Lucerne, Switzerland. We suspect these occurrences came from a common source.


With this Lab Alert, we intend to make other members in the industry, particularly gem labs, aware of such incidents. We adhere to strict standards in our daily work and keep good records to guard against such incidents. For decades, we have followed strict guidelines and procedures in handling and analysing stones. We continue to ensure diligent documentation of all processes and transactions of stones between clients and the lab, and to provide professional gemmological services to all clients globally.


The Gübelin Gem Lab is committed to take appropriate measures against people who spread malicious libel, in order to eliminate the adverse impact it causes. We do not tolerate malicious acts that damage Gübelin’s reputation and reserve the right to pursue legal action.


For any additional questions or comments, please contact Patrick Pfannkuche, Head of Communication,


Yours sincerely,

Gübelin Gem Lab

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