New Shuttle Service from Thailand

Clients submitting items from Bangkok to the Gübelin Gem Lab Lucerne or Hong Kong may make use of a daily Shuttle service operated by Malca-Amit Thailand Ltd.  For any client order that reach a total of USD 300 or more in Lab services, the Gübelin Gem Lab shall absorb part of client’s shipping expenses (ie: USD 300 per round-trip shipment).  Lab services include verbal consultancies, gem reports and gem profiles.  Additional liability fees may apply and shall be charged to the client by Malca-Amit.  For orders that do not reach this amount in Lab services, a minimum of USD 300 shall be included in Gübelin Gem Lab’s invoice to the customer.

Gemstones and jewellery together with the pro-forma invoice and mandatory order form will be collected from your location and returned to you upon completion of the testing services.  Before submitting any items for testing, please consult the “Place an Order” section on our website and review our “General Terms & Conditions.” Feel free to contact us for more details of the service.


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