Gemmological Portrait

Gemstones of exceptional quality deserve more than just the standard Gübelin Gem Lab report. For that reason, some of the most outstanding gemstones tested at the Gübelin Gem Lab feature an appendix emphasising the rarity and quality of the stone, going beyond the sober scientific analysis of the gemstone report. Among the stones that earn a Gübelin Gem Lab appendix, some exhibit such outstanding qualities that they surprise even our most seasoned experts. For these exceptional treasures, the Gübelin Gem Lab has introduced the GemPortrait: a custom-built book, meticulously crafted and carefully written to merit only the most extraordinary gemstones. For a gemstone to qualify for a Gemmological Portrait, requires the unanimous consensus of all Senior Gemmologists at the Gübelin Gem Lab, in addition to the fulfilment of a range of the most stringent quality criteria. The number of copies of each monograph is restricted to a maximum of four.

The price for a Gemmological Portrait is upon request.

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